Set a Great Grad Table

Build on your graduation party theme, color scheme and level of formality at the table, starting with your table covers.

For a fairly informal look, choose either a paper or plastic table cover. ShindigZ Party carries various sizes of rounds and rectangles as well as tablecover rolls, and has 16 different colors to select from. These table covers are perfect not just for graduation parties but for other more informal occasions and outdoor use.

Seamless paper and decorative flat paper on rolls are other affordable paper options for covering tables. The paper comes in a stunning array of colors and theme-perfect patterns: stars, marble, brick, checkered, cobblestone, and water.

Add a basket or jar filled with markers or crayons to the tables and let guests doodle to their hearts’ content. The guest of honor can then selectively cut out and save some of the most meaningful scribbles when the party is over, as a fun scrapbook keepsake!

For a more formal effect, add skirting either to match your plastic or paper table cover or to match another color in your scheme. Metallic skirting paired with white plastic or linen tablecloths looks super (we have some terrific metallic skirting with stars), or try our “Super Shine” metallic table covers and skirting for a night that will shimmer and shine in the memories of your guests.

Select from several themed tableware lines, such as our Bravo! Graduation, Grad Flamingo, and Congrats Grad ensembles. More:

  • To highlight a buffet table, hang several Graduation Mortar Board Cap Cut Outs from the ceiling above it. Hang them at different angles to look like they were tossed up into the air in celebration.

  • Make your tables special with one of our graduation centerpieces. Any of these choices look even better with a few sprinkles of sparkling confetti scattered across the table!

  • Personalized Napkins imprinted with your party slogan and the design of your choice will serve as great decorating in and as mementos for graduation scrapbooks.

  • We’re sure you’ll enjoy browsing our Graduation Party catalog. Stop by soon!

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