Plan Fun on the Beach with SpongeBob™

Once the SpongeBob Classic™ and nautical decorations are up and the cake is ready, greet guests at the door with shell necklaces, leis and/or Nautical Hats, and SpongeBob Sculpted Bubbles™.

If there is a party theme that begs for lots and lots of bubbles, it’s a SpongeBob™ theme! Have plenty of clear or blue latex balloons blown up for balloon-pop relays and fill others partially with water for water-balloon contests and as substitutes for bean bags in tosses. Of course, a bubble machine is a natural for this party.

Other activity ideas:

  • Purchase the Giant Octopus or Giant Shark Mouth Stand-In for photo ops. Kids love it!

  • Use a SpongeBob Music CD for a Freeze Dance or lip-synch contest. Pull out the cowboy hats for the Texas Song in honor of Sandy Cheeks.

  • Run a Bikini Bottom Relay of two or more teams. Relay runners must outfit themselves in beach hats, goggles and flippers and carry a beach pail brimmin’ full of water to a designated line before returning to tag the next runner. Award a prize for the team that wins the race and another for the team with the fullest pail at the end.

  • Sandboxes can be used for building sandcastles and for a “clam dig” where the children dig up small treasures with plastic shovels.

  • The Pirate’s Treasure Chest is a terrific prop for an old-fashioned Treasure Hunt, or blindfold them and have them individually pull out a prize.

  • Encourage Krabby-ness! The crabwalk, in which the children walk on hands and feet with their backs facing the ground, can be used for racing or for a Krabby soccer match using an inflated balloon for the ball.

  • Make up individual cups of blue gelatin dessert. When the gelatin is half-set, place a gummy fish in the middle of each cup. Use them for a deep sea rescue contest, where each contestant must rescue the fish by eating the gelatin that surrounds it – without hands!

  • Introduce a SpongeBob™, fish or treasure chest piñata for a whale of a time.
  • Beach Pail & Shovel Set
    Our Beach Pail Set works great as a favor container. Fill with more bubbles (of course!), Nabisco SpongeBob Cheese Crackers™, SpongeBob™ Backpack Clips, ocean stickers, and other goodies from ShindigZ Party Favors catalogs.

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