Fundamentals of Fundraising: Success from the Start

Whether you are helping set up for the school book fair, running the Bingo tent at the church carnival, or co-chairing an evening event to benefit the local animal shelter, you are pitching in to help and we here at ShindigZ know it. We also know that some of these adventures in fundraising are more enjoyable and productive than others. Here are key characteristics we’ve noticed of really successful fundraising committees:

1. Clarity of mission. The purpose of the fundraiser is formed by consensus and forged into objectives that are as specific as possible. All team members, as potential ambassadors to individual and corporate donors, must be on the same page. They should be able to describe the organizational mission and the fundraising goals and to show natural enthusiasm for them.

2. Professionalism. Chairs stick to meeting agendas that concentrate on ideas, assessments of progress, and a can-do attitude toward problem-solving. By the end of each meeting, committee members feel energized and quite positive that the session has been a productive use of their time.

3. Inclusivity. The success of any given fundraiser depends on a whole lot of people making conscious choices to devote labor, time and money to projects; and they do so for a variety of reasons. The most successful fundraising committees are those who do not depend for help solely out of others’ sense of civic or moral duty but which also appreciate the critical social aspects of recruitment and morale. These committees find ways to show they value volunteer efforts by checking in regularly, offering moral and material support where needed, and expressing gratitude both individually and as a group.

The volunteering of time and money is woven into the social fabric of each of our communities. We here at ShindigZ are very glad to play a part in this tradition of giving with our products, service, and whatever advice we can offer; and we wish you the best in your fundraising endeavors.


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