How to Take a Graduation Party Outside

If you are planning a graduation party this spring, you may be considering taking it outdoors for the soft, relatively bug-free weather and a decorating canvas of large green spaces. In that case, you’ll need to be on the lookout for decorations that will hold up in a bit of wind and – dare we say it? – perhaps a bit of moisture as well.

Corex, vinyl and foil are going to be your friends for this project. Think: pennants, bunting and fringe.

Start by selecting a color scheme for the event. School colors are fine, but not the only choice here. Depending on the party date, level of formality, etc., you might also go with bright primary colors, patriotic colors, or a combo that emphasizes gold or silver. To really explore the range of options, you’ll want to peek at Float Decorations, Carnival Theme Decorations or other Special Party Events supplies also.


  • Surprise your grad with a durable, personalized yard sign to mark the site and the occasion, in the same colors as your outdoor party decorations.
  • Hang a big banner over the entrance to the party.

  • Use a few weighted mylar balloons, which will hold up better than latex. Our blue, gold or Silver 2010 Mylar Balloons are show-stoppers at a full 40 inches in height!

  • Select graduation favors that won’t fly away in the slightest of breeze (or melt in the mist). May we suggest mint tins, bubbles or cell phone charms.

  • Encourage active memory-making by supplying disposable cameras to each table, or by providing cups of permanent markers and white or light-colored tee shirts as autograph canvases.

  • Our Graduation Party catalog has pages and pages of ideas for the 2010 grad party. Visit soon!

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