Kids Love to Party with American Heroes

If your child is crazy about all things military, secret missions and G.I. Joe™, American Heroes is a great theme for a birthday party.

A good place to start is the American Heroes Birthday Party Kit. This kit is all about the camo, in shades of green, black and silver-gray. The basic kit contains invitations, silver metallic star confetti, balloons, curling ribbon, a table cover and tableware for serving up to 8 commandoes. The deluxe American Heroes combines all the same basics with an Attach N’ Go banner, streamers, flag mylar balloon and silver spiral candles.

A cake in the shape of an army jeep, tank, or other military or patriotic symbol would make a great centerpiece, too! Check e-Bay® for a used cake pan in the desired shape.

Brainstorm with your child on a party slogan to be used in the invitations (and on your banner, if using), for example:

“The few, the proud…the Party Patrol!”
“We want You…to come to Mark’s party!”
“Nathaniel is our Birthday Hero!”

Address the invitations using rank titles and the invitees’ last names, such as “Private Reynolds” and “Sergeant Thompson.”

Alternatively, print up the party details on stickers and place the stickers on our inexpensive green plastic army helmets. Hand-deliver each helmet with the instruction to wear it to the party.

Here are some activity ideas:

  • Start out with patriotic funtoos and bubbles as guests arrive and the party assembles.
  • Apply camo face paint as desired.

  • The Twin Tail Fighter Glider is as fun to put together as it is to play with. Suspend a large embroidery hoop (if you don’t have one on hand, plastic ones are inexpensive) for a target contest.

  • If you can take the party outdoors, construct an obstacle course with old tires, a rope climb on a play set, a wading pool, play tunnels, and so forth.

  • The Army Man Piñata is perfect for this theme.

  • Check out our Boys Party Favors catalog for other favor ideas as well as great party prizes such as the Camouflage Water Balloon Kit, for your little American Heroes!

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