Fresh Popcorn Packs a Versatile Punch

There’s way more than just a kernel of truth to the rumor that the Shindigz Popcorn Party theme can’t be beat for versatility. You can use popcorn in planning birthday parties, movie nights, and carnivals; and it’s equally great as a stand-alone theme or in combination with Hollywood- and circus-themed parties.

Once you’ve settled on how to use your theme, the next step is to select invitations and a slogan for the party. Here are a few examples of possible slogans:

  • Pop on over to celebrate Charlie’s birthday!
  • Susan’s Fresh Popcorn Party will be delicious!
  • Come out to the movies for Mary’s birthday bash!

Your best value in Fresh Popcorn decorations and tableware is the Pick a Color Party Pack. The color options provide the versatility to match any color decor your party room has. For extra flare, include balloons, curling ribbon, invitations, and table covers or customize a popcorn-themed vinyl banner with your party slogan, a mylar popcorn balloon, crepe streamers and a Spiral Glitter Candle.

From there, use lots of red and black for a Hollywood or movie theater theme – think theater drapes and red carpets. For a carnival or circus theme, stick with red and white stripes and a dash of yellow.

Consider hand-delivering each invitation in a Plastic Popcorn Box with instructions to bring the box to the party. Depending on the age group, you might have guests decorate their boxes at the party with stickers and paint pens. Fill them as favor containers with candy, gift certificates and trinkets.
Plastic Popcorn Box
Welcome each guest with a Popcorn Beaded Necklace as a twist on the Hawaiian lei greeting, or use the beads as centerpiece components, door prizes or napkin rings.

Round out the activity plan with movie marathons, movie trivia games and the like.

For the younger set, try the “popcorn game!” Use a large sheet or parachute (like in gym class) and several light, foam balls as the popcorn kernels. Place one ball in the center of the sheet and have several guests hold onto the sheet, spread out around the edges. Together, participants start moving the sheet up and down, popping the ball into the air, and trying to keep it landing on the sheet, not the ground. As the group gets the hang of it add more and more balls. The game would make a great contest for two teams as well.

For a great keepsake of your event, have guests pose for commemorative photos with our Popcorn Box Column.

Serving up Fresh Popcorn at your next event will be a sure-fire hit!

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