Choose a Sunny Day for a First Birthday Party

Unlike typical birthday parties for school-aged children, a baby’s first birthday party will tend to include guests who reside in a number of age brackets. One theme that holds wide appeal for a range of ages — not to mention both boys and girls — is a Sesame Street™ theme; and the Sesame Sunny Days™ Kit-N-Kaboodle puts you on the road to Sesame-style hospitality in no time. This party kit contains invitations, balloons, curling ribbon, thank you notes, a table cover and all the tableware you need to serve 8 guests. Go Deluxe and add a banner, birthday candles, a mylar balloon and streamers.

Plan a fairly short party for a first birthday (60-90 minutes) to avoid over-stimulating and overtiring, and schedule it as far from the accustomed naptime as possible to ensure a happy baby. Try to hold the event at home or in another familiar, comforting setting.

On the big day, it will be Baby’s job to look photogenic, play with the boxes the presents came in, and use cake as face paint. The older children will be more discerning. Most will prefer to keep their face paint and their cake separate, for one thing!

Activity ideas:

  • ShindigZ face paint sticks are easy to use. Think of simple designs such as: flower, balloon, smiley face or fuzzy monster face.

  • Use foam noses (for ages 3 and over), silly wigs, and other dress-up items for “Muppet makeovers.”

  • Break out the Happy Birthday Bubbles.

  • Play a version of the “hot potato game” using a Muppet doll.

  • Take lots of pictures, including one of each guest with the birthday boy or girl, for photo keepsakes later. Be sure YOU (or whoever plays photographer on the big day) appear in some of them!

  • Fill the generously-sized Elmo Pull String Piñata with your choices of edibles and/or favors

  • With a little planning, a first birthday is sure to be a Sunny Day!

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