Spend a Birthday in the Clubhouse with Mickey or Minnie

Kids love Mickey Mouse™ and Minnie Mouse™, so it’s hard to go wrong throwing a party in the ol’ Mickey Mouse™ Clubhouse.

Select Mickey or Minnie as the theme, beginning with the invitations.

Next, we recommend a Kit-N-Kaboodle party kit because it can save you up to 40% over purchasing the same party supplies separately. Choose the Mickey Mouse™ Clubhouse Kit-N-Kaboodle or the Minnie Mouse™ Kit-N-Kaboodle. Each basic kit contains party supplies for 8, including a table cover, all the tableware you need for serving up the cake and ice cream and punch, two dozen coordinating latex balloons and curling ribbon, and thank-you notes.

A deluxe Kit-N-Kaboodle contains the above basics plus a personalized Attach N’ Go Banner, candy-striped candles, coordinating streamers and a mylar balloon.

The streamers and balloons in the Kit-N-Kaboodle will quickly transform the party room into a festive space. Anchor several streamers to the middle of the ceiling or ceiling light fixture in drapes radiating outward toward each wall. Twist them a bit before attaching the ends to the walls for a more 3-dimensional appearance. Finally, tie together a bunch of balloons in both colors (probably 5 or 7, remembering odd numbers look best) and suspend the bunch from the middle of the ceiling or ceiling light fixture where you anchored the streamers.

Another great look for streamers is to place the two colors back-to-back before hanging them. Streamers can also be swagged around walls, or cascaded vertically down walls or doorways.

Tie a balloon to each guest’s chair. Be sure to have plenty of blown balloons on hand for balloon-pop relays and other balloon games. Outside, another balloon cluster can be attached to mailbox or pole as a signal to guests that they are nearing the Clubhouse; or, if you have a helium tank and balloon foil weights on hand, you can line a pathway to the house with balloons.

Everyone grab your mouse ears and you’re on your way to partying hearty in the Clubhouse!

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