Mark Earth Day Events with Customized Banners

April 22 is not only Earth Day, it’s the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this year! Many communities will be celebrating the day with extra zest and special activities on this milestone anniversary. The following are a few of the many plans being made for spending Earth Day 2010:

  • Tree-planting and/or tree seedling give-aways

  • Kentucky Views Personalized Banner

  • Cleanups of rivers, beaches and trails

  • Nature hikes

  • Restorations of prairie and other habitat

  • Recycling and energy fairs

  • Community gardening projects

  • Festivals featuring sustainably-grown foods

  • Whether the activities you and your community organization are planning for this year’s Earth Day celebration are as simple as a group litter pickup in the park or as coordinated as a fair or festival, count on ShindigZ for a fantastic selection of customizable event banners for advertising your affair around town, marking event locations, and stringing across the fronts of registration tables and fair booths!

    Vinyl banners from ShindigZ have metal grommets for hanging, come in seven sizes, and start at less than $15 each. Personalization is free.

    Select the nature-inspired Lakeview or Kentucky Views photo designs from the vinyl Destination Banners collection, or go for the greenly elegant simplicity of the Leaves of Grass Banner. Another option is to celebrate the era from which Earth Day arose, with ShindigZ retro banners.

    Whatever your design choice, your banners will be tough enough for outdoor use and reusable. We think Mother Nature would approve.

    For more ideas, visit the ShindigZ Earth Day Party catalog pages.


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