It’s Not Too Late to Plan an Easter Brunch Party

As long as the invitations are phoned or mailed about two weeks before the event, it’s certainly not too late to plan an Easter brunch party.  ShindigZ carries both Easter- and spring-themed invitations, and of course there is always the Create-an-Invitation option with several designs in these themes.

Brunch is a most versatile style of party.  Both the time of day (behold the “lunch brunch”) and the level of formality are flexible, the buffet concept indispensible both for simplicity and plenty of visual impact.  Choose a color palette of pastels or take your cue from crocus and other floral harbingers of spring.  A table skirt and a cluster of pastel balloons suspended over the buffet table with streamers is an easy and affordable way to bring the festive.  Fresh flowers and an Easter spring tableware ensemble complete the look.

Traditional Easter fare and brunch intersect at ham and eggs, the former typically the star of Easter meals; but why not consider a turnabout with the symbol of the spring season, not just deviled but frittata’d or quiched Lorraine.  Keep it light with a fruit salad, or toss new potatoes and spring onions in a classic French vinegar potato salad to hint at picnics to come.  Finish off with moist carrot cake in a classic Easter shape or in kid-friendly cupcakes.

Speaking of the younger set, a bucket of sidewalk chalk and an Easter egg hunt let you create memorable activities for a beautiful spring day, but do have a “Plan B” in case of wild weather.   Elicit the help of older children to read Easter storybooks to the younger, hide construction-paper carrots for an indoor scavenger hunt contest, and break out the Springtime Fun Pad activity books or a great craft kit from ShindigZ.

ShindigZ is your store for Easter parties.  Let us help with your planning today!

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