New Nativity Scene for Church Events

Nativity Scene Props
Nativity Scene Props

Decorating a church lobby or stage for a holiday service has been made easy with the new Nativity Scene Props from ShindigZ. These five cardboard standees include the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph as well as a large manger backdrop and shepherds with sheep. Also included, the three wisemen cutouts and donkey standee (not shown in the picture).

This Nativity Scene Kit makes a great backdrop for a Christmas holiday social at the church. Have a camera ready for pictures that families and kids can use on  their Christmas cards. Or, use as a backdrop for midnight church service.

Set-up is simple. Attaching braces and positioning takes just 1-2 hours – quicker if you grab a friend to assist. Joseph stands 6 1/2 feet tall and the manger is eight feet. Merry Christmas!

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