Moyle Family Enjoys a Fun Fall Homecoming

Shep-Pie-Eating-ContestThere’s nothing like a warm fall day, 3 soccer games, countless tennis matches, a handful of volleyball games and a school carnival to make Homecoming a success.  We were blessed to have a beautiful fall day.  Although we could have used a few more victories, Homecoming day was a great day to be a part of the Canterbury family.

Shep, Chase and Max all took part in the pie eating contest.  I’m not sure if Shep ate more or was wearing more.  He says it was rigged – he had a “bigger pie” – but the next contestant in age was likely 30 years younger.  I think watching was the most fun of all.

Max-Face-PaintingMax felt the need to have both his hair and his face painted!  It was a proud moment for the parents as he presented himself with a huge smile.  I’m not sure which was more enjoyable – Shep with pie all over his face, or Max in red and blue.  Toss up.

Special Kudos to the tennis team – they won all three matches.


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