Standees Made Shep Moyle’s Birthday Special

Shep Moyle between two Standees from a recent triathalon.
Shep Moyle between two ShindigZ Standees from a recent triathalon.

As you know, birthdays in the Moyle household are always special affairs. The day always begins with a phone call from Grandpa Jack who will play us “happy birthday” on his trumpet at 6:30 am. Thankfully, he is quite talented and this can soften the blow of a blaring trumpet as a wake up call.

Dancing birthday cakes, happy birthday hats and the “I am special today” plate will also greet me each new birthday morning. This year, my lovely bride, Wendy, had taken several photos of me in my first sprint triathlon and in my training for the upcoming Chicago triathlon. She had taken the photos and had them transformed into life sized photo standees that greeted me in the family room as I headed out toward breakfast. The dogs were also taken aback as well and our puppy, Bella spent much of the morning barking at the “workout Shep” hanging out in the family room.

As a personal recipient of these items, I can attest to what a hit they are with friends and family. Even Madison’s teenage friends have commented on them, “Love the standups Mr. Moyle, you rock!” Unfortunately, I believe they may have also had great fun transporting “me” about and having me be a part of some unique photos for Facebook!

It was a great birthday—I am looking forward to my gift of basketball camp for old guys next year at Duke—and the photo standups are still hanging out with us as the kids do their homework. Just another way ShindigZ makes all your birthdays special and memorable.

All the best,



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