Activities for the Whole Gang at a Family Reunion


Our Family Tree Standee (pictured right) makes a great decoration and activity. Have people put together the family tree with names written on tissue leaves to the best of their abilities. Award a prize to the person who knows your genealogy the best!

Create a Family Time Capsule
Old videos of family events
A new video with predictions or plans for the future

Make lists of each persons:
favorite movie
favorite sports player
favorite star
favorite songs

Create lists of:
historical events
news headlines
famous people in history

Other Games:
• Favorites of the Decade.  Have the family select their top 10 favorites in a variety of areas.  Top 10 sports persons, top 10 politicians, top 10 historical events, top 10 movies, top 10 TV shows, top 10 fads etc.  Share everyone’s selections and create a unified family list.
• Game Day.  Create a personalized family Charades Game.
• Video Memory.  Let all family members know ahead of time that they will be asked to share with the group what they are thankful for.  Encourage family members to write down their answer.  Before you eat, have everyone read aloud why he or she is thankful and videotape each person for posterity.
• Family Trivia Quiz.  Create your own family trivia game.  Starting early, create simple multiple-choice questions concerning each family member.  The questions can be simple or more difficult.  You might ask favorite foods, music, or colors.  Name of first pet, first grade teacher, childhood teddy bear, etc.  Let each family member see how well they know his or her family.  For fun, structure it from easy to hard like the TV show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”.
• Create a family scrapbook.  Have family members bring photos from the past few years and get started on a new book for the new year!
• For a craft for the children, there are several craft kits that make a perfect quiet activity that is sure to keep them busy for a while!

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