Host a Movie Night Party for Summer Fun

Movie-Night-PartyHost a film festival in your home for a fun party to pass an evening with friends and family. ShindigZ has plenty of fun movie night decorations and other party supplies for creating a fantastic film festival!

Start by inviting guests with our Film Canister Invitation. The invitation is printed with your custom wording and features a film canister lid print that swings open to reveal your party details. It’s a fantastic way to get your guests excited about the event. You could even include which films are in the lineup for your movie night party!

Welcome guests to your movie night party with our Parade of Lights Custom Banner. The banner is printed on durable 10 millimeter vinyl with your personalized wording on a movie marquee background. It makes a fantastic decoration for over your door!

Keep decorations for your movie night party simple and functional. If you’re having a film festival in your home some Hollywood inspired decorations make the event fun, but simple decorations also make guests feel at home. We suggest the following for creating a fantastic movie night party.

Balloon bunches are a classic decorating accent that adds some lift to your party décor. Create balloon bunches of clusters of Hollywood balloons in odd numbers. The Hollywood balloons look great accented with a popcorn mylar balloon. Secure them with coordinating curling ribbon to balloon weights or the backs of chairs.

Add some Hollywood cutouts to your walls or suspended from the ceiling for a fun themed accent. Our Awards Night Cutouts are another fun option.

Our Hollywood Rope Streamers are 8 feet of red tissue that recreate the velvet ropes that line the red carpet. They’re perfect for simply adding some Hollywood flair to your movie night.

Edge your tables or create a border around your room with a Film Role Die-cut Border. The metallic silver border is available in black or silver and is great for a home film festival!

Create a fantastic setting with our Hollywood Decorating Panels. Each is 60″ x 30″ panel is printed on vinyl and easily hangs for creating a backdrop for your party. Choose from a director’s chair on-set or a red carpet scene.

Have guests enter your party through our Hollywood Marquee Door Curtain. The shimmering silver curtain with a marquee topper is a fun Hollywood decoration.

Check out our other Movie Night TipZ and Movie Night Party Supplies for more ideas!


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