Party Favors for a Patriotic Bash

Political-Skimmer-HatAdd to the festive mood by giving guests one of these favor ideas to wear the entire day!

Give the kids a glittery derby hat to wear for the day and enjoy for the rest of the summer!
Greet your guests at the front door and give them glow favors or Red White and Blue Glow Necklaces for fun.

To emphasize the worth of our freedom and the sacrifice of our troops, you may want to give a meaningful favor to your guests. Support Our Troops Candles are perfect choices to provide your family and friends with a special way to remember our wonderful country.

Give each guest a red, white, and blue glow necklace as the sun sets and to aid in keeping track of the children after dark!

Shot Glass Necklaces are fun favors for grown-up guests!

For another special touch, personalize your patriotic bash. Create a simple slogan and have it printed on napkins, Stadium Cups, mugs or frames. Use a simple slogan with a flag, star, Liberty Bell, fireworks or any patriotic design and add the date at the bottom.

A few simple slogans include:
• Patriotic Pizzazz! Celebrate America!
• Happy Birthday Uncle Sam! Flyin’ Free!
• Celebrating those Stars & Stripes! Let Freedom Ring!
• Shooting for a July 4th Celebration! Proud to be an American!
• Born in the USA!
• Hat’s off to the Red, White, and Blue!

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