Decorate for a Tropical Luau Party

Luau-Waves-ArchPartygoers of any age love a tropical luau. ShindigZ makes it easy to transport your guests to an exotic island with our large selection of Luau Party Supplies and tips that will transform your party site into a tropical paradise. Whether you are decorating a back yard, a school gym or a large convention hall, we have the decorations that guarantee you a day in paradise.

There are several large decorating items that make great focal points for any tropical bash. The Luau Party Decorations include palm trees, colorful umbrellas and pink flamingos reminiscent of an island paradise. The Luau Cabana is a perfect place for guests to relax and enjoy a tropical drink or to pose for photos.

Set up a Personalized Luau Waves Arch (pictured above) as an entrance to your event and for guests to take photos under. You can add your own wording to the surfboard across the top for a perfect finish.

Line your front sidewalk with tiki torches, leading the way to the tropical party. Then, greet your guests at the door with tropical leis to finish off their Hawaiian attire and give a warm welcome. A customized vinyl banner in a tropical print is perfect for hanging above your door. Add your own Hawaiian or luau greeting!

A Raffia Door Curtain is an economic way to add a South Pacific flair to a backdoor or walkway, adding a tropical flourish to your party space. For a bolder entrance, set up a hibiscus floral arch or  Tiki Club decorations at the front of your party space. They also make great photo settings.

Palm trees are the ultimate Hawaiian Luau mood setter. We recommend having as many on hand as you can afford. We carry them in all shapes and sizes to fit any budget. For maximum effect, put your palm tree into a wading pool, fill it with sand and add some plastic shells, starfish and coconuts to the base of the tree. Add some blue gossamer and clear balloon “bubbles” to die the sides of the pool.

Personalized-Tiki-StandeeBecause gossamer drapes and hangs beautifully, you can easily create a stunning tropical waterfall. We have used doorways and ladders, or your waterfall can be attached directly to a ceiling or rooftop with pins or nails.

When decorating a large indoor area, transform your room by covering walls with rolls of blue seamless paper to create a tropical paradise. Recruit some creative helpers to paint various beach scenes – waves, palm trees, the sun, beach towels, etc. Finish off the look by simply hanging some tissue bubble fish, a fish net, and tissue rainbow fish on the walls. Use our Surf Board Stand-ups for a tropical background or photo setting.

Hang a tropical bamboo curtain from a doorway and transport guests to an island paradise!

Our Personalized Tiki Standee (pictured at right) is a fun accent for your buffet table or patio and is awesome for taking pictures with! Add you own wording to the top too!

Finish off your decorating with Luau table Decorations. There is tons of luau themed tableware so you can coordinate your plates, cups, napkins and cutlery with the rest of your decorations.

Add a classic tropical look with a palm tree centerpiece. For another look, place a tea light in a coconut candle and surround it with a silk lei. Guests can take these items home with a favor.

Wrap your tables in true Hawaiian fashion with our raffia table skirting. Add a string or two of our tropical lights around the head table or buffet line for extra flair.

Choose any combination of these Luau Party Decorations or come up with your own and let us know your creative luau decorating ideas! Be sure to check out our luau party favors as well!


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