Activities for a Splashin’ Pool Party

Sunglasses & Flip Flops Magnet KitIf summer is getting hot a pool party full of fun summer activities is just the way to beat the heat! Splishin’ and a splashin’ with friends in a cool pool is a fantastic way to spend a summer afternoon – what could be better? The main activity, of course, will be swimming, but here are some other activities that are fun for any age!

• Have contests to see who can hold their breath the longest.
• Have a “sunken treasure” contest where you toss items in the pool and all at once the guests dive to find the surprises.
• Have a rubber ducky race. Each player gets their own duck and has to swim behind it and push it along using only their nose!!
• Dump in several buckets of ice cubes into the water all at once. Have a contest to see who can retrieve the most cubes onto dry land. The catch here is that they can only use their toes! The laughter that is produced is half the fun!
• Play tried-and-true pool games like Marco Polo, Tug of War, water volleyball, and water basketball.
• Set up your sprinklers and play “Musical Sprinkler.” You must have a few helpers that can turn the water off and on to make this work. Have your guests run around in the back yard jumping from sprinkler to sprinkler. Randomly turn off the water to one hose and whoever was dancing in that mist is out of the game. The last one in wins a water toy!
• Play volleyball using two sheets and water Balloons. Each team member holds a side of a large sheet. Each team tries to lob the water balloon over the net to the other side. The other team tries to catch the balloon using their sheet and without getting wet! This game is great for older kids and teens!
• Have a major squirt-gun war. These inevitably turn into an all-out bucket water fights!
• Wet sponge football is always a really ‘cool’ time!
• Before the party, fill several water balloons with water and a small toy favor. Freeze the balloons solid. On the day of the party, remove the balloon from the solid ice and what you have left is a fun ice ball. Have a contest to see who can get their ball melted the fastest and retrieve the toy inside the quickest!

The following activities may not create a soak, but they are sure to provide a flood of smiles and summer fun!

• Lay a sheet of Poly Vinyl out in your lawn. Bring in a truckload of inexpensive sand and have lots of beach toys ready for a sand castle building contest.
• Garden-hose limbo, a hula hoop contest, or beach blanket bingo are activities that have provided laughs for decades and are still great ideas for this theme party!
• Set up a rowdy badminton tournament!
• Never underestimate the power of music to set the tone for your party. You’ll almost feel the warm ocean breeze if the sounds of the Beach Boys, Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffet are filling your backyard. Kids of all ages will want to dance well into the evening!
• After dark, settle the crowd down with a bonfire and a sing-along.

Kids will love making their own accessories with a tropical flower necklace craft kit. Let us know what pool party activities you enjoy!

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