Create Festive Pizzazz with Patriotic Decorations


The 4th of July is coming soon, but you can decorate with patriotic flair anytime! These patriotic decorations are great for summer parties and celebrations in any season.

Create a sea of red, white, and blue everywhere – inside and around your party location. Here are a few simple ideas to help you create the festive patriotic mood!

Outdoor Decorations:

Line your driveway and sidewalk with small flags and patriotic lights.

Hang a Happy 4th of July banner across the front of your house or event room so everyone knows where the party is!

Make your guests smile by greeting them at the door in a Statue of Liberty costume then direct them through a fireworks arch entrance right into the fun.

Indoor Decorations:

Start with a stars & stripes top hat decorating kit to pay tribute to the great USA.

Place red and white latex balloon bouquets around the party room. Add a blue mylar star balloon to each bunch for a bright surprise! You can also dangle them from the ceiling using curling ribbon – no helium required!

For a huge impact in a large room or on a stage, spell out your love for this land with a 4 1/2′ USA Cake.

Cover doorways with our flag metallic door curtain to put everyone in the flag waving mood!.

Patriotic Decorating PaperShow your pride by wrapping your posts, railing, and light fixtures with a patriotic streamer roll.

Tableware & Napkins:

Start out with a U.S. Pride tableware as the focal point for your festive tables.

Place Old Glory Skimmers upside down around the room and on your tables and fill with a variety of items like American flags, patriotic leis or red, white, and blue candy. Cover your tables with our red, white & blue gossamer for a festive and patriotic look. For fun, draw small stars on the handles of your plastic flatware using a paint pen – big impact, little cost! Bundle them up with curling ribbon and a flag pick for more snap!

There is a large selection of centerpieces that will make your tables sparkle with celebration!
A Firecracker Centerpiece and a Gleam and Burst Centerpiece work exceptionally well with the gossamer on the table.

Scatter some Patriotic Serpentines across the table to complete the look!

If you want more of a unique approach to your decorating, use All-American items rather than traditional red, white, and blue. Incorporate baseball, home-style cooking, old cars, and Wild West heroes. Whatever you associate with America can make a perfect starting point for a one-of-a-kind party!

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