Make a Splash with Pool Party Food

Serve easy to prepare summer fun beach food for your pool party. Grill hot dogs and hamburgers or go a little bit more elaborate with crab legs and melted butter! Add some cole slaw, baked beans, potato salad, corn on the cob, fruit kabobs or a watermelon bowl filled with the season’s freshest fruit, and lots of munchies.

For dessert, serve frozen bananas on a stick dipped in chocolate, snow cones, and a delightful summer berry “fruit pizza.”

If the party is for kids, serve their food in individual beach pails. Use a paint pen to write each child’s name on a bucket, and fill each pail with a juice box, wrapped in a hot dog, goldfish crackers, fruit kabob, and a beach ball!

Fill a cooler, wheelbarrow or metal tub with ice and load it with plenty of soda and bottles of water. You’ll love an inflatable pineapple cooler! As an alternative, you can offer guests daiquiris and fruit smoothies—complete with mini umbrellas!

We have a hilarious Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler perfect for a fun decoration that will keep drinks cold too!

Don’t forget to stock up on lots of ice—plan on approximately one pound per adult guest for the party!

Have bowls sitting around with individually wrapped Life-Savers candy for those sudden sweet-tooth attacks.

Pool Fun CakeFinish the night off with this “Pool Fun Cake!” Bake a double layer 8 or 9 inch round cake. For extra fun, use a white cake mix and add a few drops of blue food coloring to the batter. When cool, frost the entire cake with blue tinted frosting. Add to the top a wafer cookie as a diving board, a gum ball or two for beach balls, and gummy rings as life preservers. Use a small figurine or doll floating on top of the pool in a fruit roll up raft! If you want to add a little beach to your summer scene, dabble a small amount of brown sugar in one section of the cake and add a paper umbrella or two! Don’t forget to serve this one up with a mound of refreshing ice cream!


  • We’re putting the invitation in a bottle (message in a bottle) with confetti a lifesaver lollipop or mini roll of lifesavers.

    The pool filled with beach balls and floating rings for everyone.

    Beverages: Water bottles & juice boxes with personalized birthday lables.

    Lunch Menu: Hot dogs, fruit tray, carrot w/ranch tray, individual packets of Gold Fish crackers.

    Instead of cake:
    A tray piled with donuts (floatation ring) and donut holes (beach ball).
    Clear plastic cups filled with blue jello with a lifesaver on top.

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