Host a Silver Lining Party to Look on the Bright Side of the Economy

Silver-Twist-Top-TinThe economy may still be rocky and everyone’s a little nervous, to say the least, but that’s no reason to keep you from partying! Host a silver lining party to emphasize the reasons to celebrate in life—friends and family.

Start your silver lining party by sending out personalized foil-bright invitations. We’ll print nine lines of your custom wording on the elegant invitations. Be sure to send out invitations at least a month in advance and expect about a quarter of the RSVPs to come back as regrets.

Welcome guests to your party with the Silver Anniversary Personalized Banner. We’ll print your custom wording on the heavy-duty, weather-resistant banner. Our banners are available in seven sizes with or without metal grommets for easy hanging. Plus, our new Peel N’ Place banners are even easier to use.

At the door, hand out silver party apparel, like one of our New Year’s party ensembles with silver top hats, tiaras, party hats, and noisemakers. The chic party apparel kits will get guests covered in silver and ready to party.

Create a great backdrop for your party with silver flat paper or silver metallic gossamer. Flat paper is wonderful for covering walls and floors. Gossamer is easy to work with and makes beautiful drapes, swags, curtains and other decorations (Check out our Gossamer TipZ for more ideas). Use gossamer with our classic columns to create a beautiful focal point for the party. Twist the gossamer around the columns or swag gossamer between several columns.

Use silver star milky way garland to accent your room. Twist the garland around banisters or loop it around the borders of the room.

Serve your party food on beautiful silver-themed tables. Cover the tables in silver tablecovers with matching metallic table skirts. Edge the table in silver milky-way star garland.

Set the table with silver plastic tableware and matching cutlery. Create cutlery bundles using silver personalized napkins wrapped around silver cutlery. Tie the bundle closed with silver toss beads or silver star garland.

Top your table off with silver moon confetti and a Silver Stargate Centerpiece.

Send guests home with favors to remember the party by. Fill silver tote bags, such as our gold and silver gift bag with marabou trim, with candies, baked goods or other prizes. Silver body glitter is a great addition for girls and women. The Silver Snap Favor Box Kit pictured above is another elegant favor packaging idea. Add a silver metallic rose to your party favors for a big finish.

Check out all of our Party TipZ and tell us about your party!

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