It’s No Secret That a Hannah Montana Party Rocks

Hannah-Montana-Rock-the-Stage-Kit-N-KaboodleHannah Montana is definitely one of the biggest shows on TV today and now with the Hannah Montana Movie out it’s an even bigger sensation! Your young birthday guests are sure to love a Hannah Montana themed birthday party.

The first step after selecting this theme is choosing a party slogan. You can use your slogan on your invitations, personalized banners, and custom favors. A catchy slogan can tie a whole party together.

Our suggestions for Hannah Montana slogans include:
• “The secret’s out! This party rocks!”
• “Shhh! Come to Hannah’s secret birthday party!”
• “This birthday bash is double the fun!”


Send out rockin’ invitations to invite people to your Hannah Montana birthday party. The Hannah Montana Kit-N-Kaboodle includes invitations printed with a Hannah Montana design. You just fill in your party details.

Another option is to create invitations on your computer and attach them with curling ribbon to Hannah Montana favors such as a glitter microphone or a pair of rockstar sunglasses. This invite will encourage guests to come in rock star style.

If you want guests to dress up like Hannah Montana for the party for extra fun, be sure to include that information on your invitations.

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  • Thanks for sharing. We have my daughter’s 9th birthday coming up on the 9 December and she is crazy about all things Hannah. She’s even got me watching it. lol!

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