Host a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Party

Harry-Potter-Party-KitThe newest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out in less than two months on July 15th. Celebrate the long-awaited sixth movie in the series with a Harry Potter themed party before heading to see the movie, whether you attend the midnight opening or wait until later. The books may be completed, but there’s still three movies to celebrate (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released in two film installments). ShindigZ has a fun assortment of Harry Potter party supplies and costumes as well as plenty of tips for you to host a Harry Potter party that will go down in Hogwarts: A History!

Send out invitations on our Harry Potter Magical World Invitations. The invitations are 4×5 cards with a classic Harry Potter print on the front and space for you to write your party details on the inside. Send your invitations out about a month in advance and expect about a quarter to come back regrets. If you need a close RSVP number, be sure to specify by what date you want guests to RSVP.

Start your decorating with our Harry Potter Party Kit. The kit features an awesome Harry Potter picture and includes dinner plates, luncheon napkins, 9 oz cups, invitations, and orange plastic cutlery for 8 guests as well as green and gold 11” latex balloons, a black plastic tablecover, and black metallic curling ribbon. The Deluxe Kit includes all of the above as well as a 10×30 Attach N’ Go Banner, 18” gold star mylar balloon, birthday candles, and orange and green crepe streamers.

Create a backdrop for your kit using gossamer decorating materials in Hogwarts House Colors. Gryffindor is maroon and gold; Hufflepuff is black and yellow; Ravenclaw is blue and brown; Slytherin is green and silver. Decorate a section of the room in each house’s colors or decorate according to the house you belong in. (If you can’t guess, there’s plenty of sorting hat personality quizzes online.) Our gossamer material is versatile, easy-to-use, and perfect for creating swags, drapes, and curtains. Cover the ceiling of your venue with mini star patterned gossamer to create the enchanted ceiling of the Hogwarts great hall. (Our Gossamer TipZ have great how-tos for this.)

Use flagstone patterned flat paper to cover the walls behind or below the gossamer to create the appearance of being inside a castle. Flagstone patterned corrugated paper is also available for a sturdy effect or for building structures out of. You could even create a drawbridge with woodgrain patterned corrugated paper. Further the castle look using our flaming torches and table torches. They’re not real fire, but they look like it! They make an awesome addition to your tabletops and mantles.

Turn your tables into the Hogwarts dinning hall by hanging a Hogwarts wall banner above each one and accenting them with lanterns or torches. Cover your tables with plastic tablecovers and scatter star and swirl confetti over them. Add the Harry Potter tableware from the Harry Potter Party Kit for a really fantastic table. At the center of your table, add a Harry Potter Lantern for a centerpiece. If you have a long banquet table, use two or three down the middle. The lanterns are lots of fun and they really light up with two C batteries.

Hang a Harry Potter World Jointed Banner over your door or behind your food table for a festive accent.

Our Magic Wand Vinyl Banner also makes a great Harry Potter party decoration. Each of our vinyl banners are printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and are available in a variety of sizes and with metal grommets. When you add your own personalized wording, the decoration is just magical! Hang the banner to announce your event or to welcome guests at the doorway.

Don’t forget balloons! Create balloon bunches using the green and orange balloons from the Harry Potter Party Kit or create clusters of house colors. Balloon bunches look best with odd numbers of balloons. Secure the balloons to the back of a chair or to a balloon weight using coordinating curling ribbon.

Add a Plush Sorting Hat to your decorations for an authentic accent. Place the Sorting Hat on a stool, like they do in the books and movies, and guests can have fun placing it on their heads and pretending to be sorted into various houses. You can even make this a party activity by having scrolls made up before the party begins with the various houses written on them. Draw a scroll out of a bag and announce which house the student has been sorted into. If you make enough scrolls for each guests, this can even be a party memento.

Keep your guests entertained with other fun party games. Try a wizard’s hat piñata. Kids will love bursting out the candy filler. (Don’t forget piñata accessories!) With car chalk draw Harry Potter’s face on a window or glass door and using lightning bolt static clings play “pin the scar on Harry.”

You can also create your own Hogwarts classes. Here’s some ideas:
*Defense Against the Dark Arts Class: Insert small pieces of wrapped candy into balloons before inflating them. Encourage the kids to stomp out the dark side, including Voldemort and the Bogarts by popping the balloons. For a fun twist on the game, for “round two,” don’t allow them to use their feet! The prize? The candy they uncover!

*Potions Class: Fill and label several jars with a variety of gross things and lead the kids in mixing the most disgusting potions imaginable. For example, provide ginger (mandrake root), poppy seeds (eyes of bats), dream fluid (purple punch), smoked oysters or sardines (hippogriff gizzards), spaghetti in red sauce (bloodworms), cocktail onions (blind cats eyes), and water mixed with soil (hollow stump water). The kids will enjoy just mixing the items, deciding what they can be used for, and being grossed out. Set our Mist Maker in the center of the table to create the perfect potions class setting.

*Muggle Quidditch: Set up an obstacle course, and have the kids run the course with their brooms. Add hula-hoops and other obstacles that they must navigate…all while balancing a ping-pong ball (golden snitch) on a spoon. As an alternative, just give the kids brooms, a ball, two goals and lots of room to run and play! Use a soft ball for the bludger, so that no one gets hurt.
*Spells Class: For some truly magical pictures, use fishing line or monofilament wire to hang some objects above the kids…keys, golden snitches or some type of food. Let them pose for pictures with wands poised to create the illusion that they have levitated the object.

*Divinations Class: Send the kids on a hunt to discern where all the hidden socks are for Dobby so Malfoy won’t be angry. They could also guess the flavors of Bertie Bott’s Beans.

*Have your young wizard brainstorm with you to create classes for Care of Magical Creatures and Transfigurations.

*Play a Harry Potter™ trivia game by visiting to find questions and answers.

Encourage guests to dress up in costumes. We carry an assortment of Harry Potter robes, Quidditch robes, accessories, and wizards caps. Guests can even make their own costumes. Graduation robes make a great stand-in for a wizard’s robe.

Finally, award prizes to game winners and sent all your guests home with fun favors. Check out complete party favor packs, or give away cool individual items like lightning bolt temporary tattoos, wands, and Harry Potter glasses.

For Harry Potter party favors, try our Harry Potter glasses, lightning bolt temporary tattoos, magic wands, and many flavored beans.

As the anticipation for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince grows, tell us about your plans to celebrate the movie’s release!

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