Customers Share Their Personalized Standee Stories

Life-Sized-Photo-Standee-in-useOur Life Size Standees and Personalized Photo Standees make great decorations for your parties, whether they’re for weddings, anniversary parties, milestone birthdays, or graduations, there’s so many ways you can turn a favorite photo of a loved one into a life size photo standee, making a fun photo prom and a great keepsake.

ShindigZ customers have found a ton of uses for photo standees and have shared some of the ways these personalized decorations have been a hit at their special events.

Some customers have used Life Size Standees in big birthday parties, to celebrate important moments in the guest of honor’s life. For example, Penelope from Michigan ordered a standee for her husband’s birthday. She commented, “I did a life size of my husband running his first marathon…It was a great decoration for his 40th birthday several weeks later.”

Life-Sized-Photo-Standee-Customer-PhotoCarol from Ft. Wayne, IN had several Photo Standees made for her father’s 75th birthday. She wrote to us, “What an impact these photos were at my dad’s 75th birthday party in Chicago! I wish we would have ordered even more of them. We staged them around the house. All of his friends, children, and grandchildren loved them!”

Standees have also been a popular item for anniversary parties. We can make Photo Standees and Life Size Standees out of older photos too, so they make really impressive decorations when customers have used old wedding photos. Lori from International Falls, MN ordered a standee for her parents’ anniversary party: “I recently purchased one of my parents for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. The standee will be next to the kneeler they had knelt at on their wedding day. A wonderful additon to the decor.”

Another customer from Palmetto, FL used a wedding photo from 1944 to make a Life Size Standee: “[I] wanted a special prop for a 65th Anniversary party and ordered a life-size standee, scanned a colorized 1944 wedding photo and uploaded to ShindigZ. I was astounded at the quality and attention to detail. The end product was so good that we’re giving photos of the guests with the standees and the anniversary couple as mementos.”

Lori also used a standee for her son’s graduation party. She commented that many guests wanted to take her son’s picture with “himself” in the standee. Our standees make great props for commemorative photos and are definitely fun decorations for kids and graduates.

One customer from Memphis, TN used some Life Size Standees in a send-off party for a soldier. She wrote to us, “The two life-size standees of my godson, who is returning to service in Iraq soon, were fabulous! They absolutely MADE his send-off party, and we sent them home with his fiancée and his mom, so they could have “him” there while he’s away overseas!” This touching use of Photo Standees is just one of many ways standees can be used to enhance special moments.

We love to hear from our customers. Tell us how you’re using our products or how you make your big days and special events more memorable!

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