Reasons to Celebrate this June

Breast-Cancer-Pink-Ribbon-Car-MagnetsThere are tons of reasons to celebrate this June, from holidays to everyday fun! Here are just a few of our favorite reasons to celebrate during June.

June 3rd is Cancer Survivors’ Day. Throw a pink themed party for the breast cancer survivors in your life to honor their fight and those who’ve been lost to cancer. ShindigZ has a ton of pink party supplies. Create drapes and swags with pink gossamer decorating material. It’s versatile and easy to use. It’s great for covering your party tables too! Set your tables with pink plastic tableware. Our plastic tableware is available in three shades of pink (new pink, pink, and bright pink) so you can mix and match them for a really cool look. Use pink feather boas and pink glow sticks to accent your tables. Create balloon bunches of bright and pale pink balloons in clusters of odd numbers. Secure them with pink curling ribbon to the backs of chairs or to balloon weights.

Use our pink favor boxes to create favor packages of sweets, mints, gift certificates, or other pink treats. Add some pink and brown dots personalized Hershey’s candy bars to each table for a sweet treat and placecard holder. Hand out Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Car Magnets to guests as party favors to inspire them to keep fighting and to keep supporting the search for a cure. For a more general party on this day, try a purple themed party (Purple is the general color for survivors of all types of cancer).

Father’s Day is June 21st this year. The first Father’s Day is believed to have been held on July 5, 1908 at a church in Fairmont, WV, started by Dr. Robert Webb. Later, the holiday was upstaged by Mother’s Day, which many supported, while openly laughing at the day for dads. In 1913, however, Congress proposed that the day be made an official holiday and President Calvin Coolidge (father of two sons) supported the idea in 1924. It wasn’t until the 1930s, however, when a committee of retailers got together to promote the idea and legitimized Father’s Day basically as we know it today. We have so many party themes, there’s plenty of ways for you to throw a special party for Dad centered on something he loves, whether it’s golf, baseball, NASCAR, or discoing. Our personalized vinyl banners are a great way to send a custom message to Dad on Father’s Day. Hang a vinyl banner with your own wording on it above the breakfast table or on the side of the house to make sure Dad really knows how you feel. It’s kind of like a card, only bigger and you can hang your banner each year!

June 23rd is Great American Backyard Campout Day and we have so many Back Yard Fun Party Supplies, there’s tons of ways you can create a fantastic backyard campout that will be sure to excite your kids. Even though school may have been out for a while, this makes a perfect school’s out celebration. (With the delay, you won’t have to fight for attention with other parties.) Remember when you just wanted to sleep out in the backyard? The very idea of it is so exciting for kids, you can really keep this party pretty simple. Still, some fun touches will make it even better. Try adding a personalized red white and blue yard sign to direct guests to where the campsite is. Our Easy Up Canopy is another great item for this event. It’s tent-like, but also spacious so it’s a good place to hangout if it starts to sprinkle and is nice to keep your food under. Top the decorations off with some jungle animal standees for a wild touch to the party. For awesome favors, hand out plastic canteens, pith helmets, and binoculars. For a more personal touch, try our custom imprinted sport bottles. You can choose the logo and slogan and we’ll imprint the bottles for an awesome favor.

Check out the rest of the reasons to celebrate below and tell us about your June parties!

* Father’s Day * Shavout* 3- Cheer Coach Day * 3- Cancer Survivors Day * 5- National Family Day * 5- Hunger Awareness Day * 5- World Environment Day * 6- Teacher’s Day * 8- Banana Split Day * 11- Abused Women and Children Awareness Day * 14- Flag Day * 14- Family History Day * 15- Dollars Against Diabetes Day * 21- Baby Boomers Recognition Day * 23- National Pink Day * 23- Great American Backyard Campout Day * 23- Public Service Day * 24- Celebration of the Senses * 26- International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking *


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