Food Ideas for a Ball Park Baseball Party

The kids will be root, root, rooting for more when you serve baseball cake and ice cream!  A Sport Ball Cake Pan includes easy-to-follow directions, and can be modified to create a terrific baseball cake.
To make the cake a real standout, cover the food table with either grass covering creating a clever surface that resembles a ball diamond.  Place the baked and cooled cake in the center.  Decorate the cake, and then use white athletic tape or white piped frosting to create the bases, home plate and foul lines.  The other food can then be placed on the table around the cake.
If you are serving more people than can be accommodated by one boxed mix, which is what this pan calls for, we recommend that you simply bake extra cupcakes, or an extra rectangular cake.  All can be frosted in matching frosting, and cut and served behind the scenes.

• As the excitement is so high at children’s birthday parties, most children under the age of 10 will eat very little, and the waste can be disheartening.  If you are entertaining a younger crowd, schedule your party during a time when parents will not expect that their children will eat a meal…and serve only cake, ice cream, and a few other munchies such as Cracker Jackstm, peanuts in the shell (provided that you’ve checked with parents about allergies), grapes, or Baby Ruth Candy Barstm.
• If you are serving a meal, serve typical “sports spectator” concession stand food – hot dogs, nachos, soft pretzels, pizza, chips, popcorn, and snow cones.  Use die-cut shimmer stars to label each dish with a creative name.  Dugout Dogs (hot dogs), Homerun Hamburgers, No-hit Nachos, Strike Out Snow Cones, Pop Fly Pizza, Catcher Corn Dogs, and Grand Slam Grapes would all be fun to serve and eat!  Turn well-washed batting helmets upside down, and use them as serving bowls for dry snacks.  The leftover shimmer stars can be used to create place cards for each all-star at the party!

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