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Throw a Culture Week School Party

Chili Pepper Balloon
Chili Pepper Balloon

This week is Culture Week at Chase and Max’s Middle School. Chase is the president of the middle school and he is working with the Student Government to put together a great week.

The committee has selected 5 countries including: Mexico, Romania, Germany, China and France. Each day a speaker shares personal experiences about life in the highlighted country as well as unique customs and occurrences. The crew in the cafeteria is in on the fun and is busy preparing a special lunch meal to coincide with the country of the day.

So far – so good. The students seem to enjoy the change in the daily routine and they also learn a little something along the way. Two of the guest speakers are from the High School and are a part of the exchange student program. Representing Germany and China, these exchange students can easily share similarities and differences between everyday teenage life in different countries.

Inflatable Cactus
Inflatable Cactus

Chase of course, wanted to make sure the cafeteria was decorated each day to match the theme. (Can you tell he is a part of the Moyle party crew?!) Monday the tables were all covered in red, green or white – to match the flag of Mexico, sombreros were placed in the center of each table and the inflatable cactus and chili peppers balloons floated around the room. A giant flag was also created by printing the Mexican flag on cardboard. The vinyl banner announcing the week is proudly displayed in the main entrance of the school lobby.

Each day, the table covers will change to match the flag, hats and centerpieces exchanged, a “new” flag hung and décor added here and there. All in all, a fun week to be in school.

Culture Week Banner
Culture Week Banner

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