State Basketball Tournament Banners

Proud Parent Funtoo
Proud Parent Funtoo

The excitement is mounting for the upcoming basketball girl’s Semi-state game Saturday, March 1st. High School basketball in Indiana is more than a sport – it is a major event. After two wins in the Regionals this past weekend, the girl’s advanced to the Semi-State competition. (My oldest, Madison, plays on her High School Varsity basketball team. Last year, they won the state championship in Division 1A.) There are now only four teams left in the State – Division 1A girl’s high school basketball. So, back to the drawing board to create another basketball banner!

The coach’s saying is “just do what we do” so I am using that as the main line on the banner. The coach is awesome at keeping the girl’s focused on one game at a time.

I’m pulling a few spirit items together for the big game. My check list follows:
1. Blue, green and white basketball beads,
2. Sports cowbells,
3. Feather necklaces in blue and white,
4. Clacker necklaces, and
5. Parent funtoos.

Looking forward to the game on Saturday.

State Basketball Banner
State Basketball Banner

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