Surf the Stock Market this Fall with a Luau Party

With the stock market climbing and falling on nearly a daily basis, everyone seems to be a little stressed out. Now is the perfect time to host a party to help everyone blow off some steam.

We suggest you ride the wave of the economy with a luau party! A luau party is tons of fun and in the fall and winter months it’s a fond way to look back on the warmer months.

Welcome guests to your luau party with a surfboard personalized banner. Add a message that goes along with your theme and we’ll print it on a heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl banner. Our banners are available in seven different sizes and tons of fun luau patterns so there’s sure to be something for your party.

Create a focal point for your Stock Market Luau party using our Luau Party Decorating Kit. The Luau Party Arch and Luau Party Standee create an awesome entrance or place for commemorative photos. The arch stands 10 ½’ high and 10’ wide. The Luau standees are each 7’ high and 3’ wide.

Create a backdrop with the beach backdrop roll. The roll is 4’ high and 30’ wide and is perfect for getting guests in the luau mood. It looks great paired with water print gossamer. Add a palm tree boarder roll for a finishing touch.

Accent your backdrop with water patterned gossamer or palm tree patterned gossamer. Gossamer is perfect for creating swags, drapes and other accents. Check out our Gossamer TipZ for lots of ideas!

Don’t forget Palm Tree Decorations! They’re a Luau must-have and we have a variety of styles for your party.

Garland is an especially good decoration for luau parties. String flashing hibiscus garland around your table, doorway or around your banister. It’s a bright touch. For a natural alternative try raffia or luau paper lantern garland.

Balloons are a classic party decoration. Create balloon bunches of blue and white balloons or hibiscus print balloons in odd numbers (3, 5, 7…). Attach the balloons with matching curling ribbon to a balloon weight. Add an accent to your balloon bunches with a dolphin mylar balloon or seashell mylar balloon jumping out of the cluster. Check out all of our Luau Party Balloons for tons of ideas.

A well-decorated party table is a great way to pull the whole theme together. For a luau theme party, check out the Watch and Learn with Wendy episode! We suggest you cover the table with a blue tablecover and edge it with a raffia table skirt. Over the top sprinkle tropical confetti and some seashells. Set your table with Luau Tableware and coconut cups. Add a palm tree centerpiece or a surf board centerpiece to the middle to tie the table together.

For party favors from your Stock Market Luau Party, hand out kukui nut lei necklaces or traditional leis. Add some toy dollar bill pads for a funny accent to your theme. Serve drinks in real coconut cups for a fun and functional favor.

Check out all of our Luau Party TipZ for more ideas and tell us about your party!


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