Host an Economy “Bale Out” Western Party

Even with the 700 billion dollar bail out package signed into law by President Bush, the economy is still causing everyone from Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue a lot of stress. What better way to lift the spirits of your friends, family or coworkers than with a recession party? Try this Western Bale Out Party to de-stress and forget your money woes!

Welcome guests to your Bale Out Party with a Western Personalized Banner. The banner is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and is available in seven different sizes to suit your decorating needs. Have a fun slogan such as “Bale Out or Bust” printed on the banner and use it to decorate the entrance of your party or advertise for the event.

Create a fantastic entrance for guests and a great place for commemorative photos with the Saloon Entrance. The corrugated cardboard entrance is freestanding and features an arch with saloon doors. It coordinates well with the Saloon Door Curtain which is a fun way to create a divider between rooms.

Set the scene for your Bale Out party using wild west patterned corrugated paper to cover walls or floors. Create the whole scene with Saloon Room Setters, that you can mix and match to transform your party space into the Wild West. If you’re going for a huge impact, ShindigZ has many Western theme decorating kits that include big, freestanding western decorations perfect for decorating your entire venue.

Create a focal point for your party with the Big Red Barn Decoration. The barn is made of corrugated cardboard and stands 7’ high by 55” wide. Accent the barn and the Bale Out theme with straw bales and a split rail fence decoration.

Create fun accents for your Bale Out theme using barbed wire garland and cowhide print balloons. Balloons look best in clusters of odd numbers (3, 5, 7…) and can be tied together with coordinating curling ribbon (black or white) and attached to weights such as mini straw bales.

Create a fun activity at your party with gambling for coupons, gift certificates or gas cards. A Wanted Photo Stand In is another fun activity. Guests can place their faces in the cutouts and have their pictures taken on a Wanted Poster. Place a slogan on the poster such as “Fannie and Freddie: Wanted Dead or Alive.”

Finally, you can’t have a party without food—even in these tight times! Set a fantastic party table for guests to eat delicious all-American foods such as burgers, hotdogs, chips and pretzels. Check out Wendy’s Watch and Learn for in-depth tips for setting a Western Theme Table.

We recommend covering your tables with red and white gingham tablecovers and setting each place with red plastic tableware. Create cutlery bundles using barbed wire garland to tie the cutlery in red personalized napkins. At the center of your table place a cow boy hat full of snacks or, to fit the theme, a straw bale centerpiece.

At ShindigZ, we believe life should be more fun! This Economy Bale Out Party is just one way to have fun, even in the midst of tough economic times.

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