Host a Sarah Palin Party for Election Night Fun!

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has created a media sensation with her “maverick” politics and big personality. ShindigZ has party supplies for hosting a Sarah Palin themed party that will be a memorable highlight of this election year.

This Sarah Palin Party picks up on well-known highlights of the Sarah Palin story, including beauty pageants, Alaska, hunting, and hockey.

Decorate your Palin-theme party venues with a Ski Lodge Decorating Kit which transforms the room into a festive Alaskan scene including a moose above the fireplace, icicles and a fun ski lodge entrance arch. To accentuate the theme, dress up in a Grand Coronation Tiara, royal sash or robe and a scepter to impersonate Sarah Palin or a John McCain mask to party as her running mate.

Let wildlife take a swing back by having people dressed in a grizzly bear mascot costume or a polar bear mascot costume. If guests come dressed as Sarah Palin, these mascots will make for fantastic photo ops.

ShindigZ’s Sarah Palin party theme is also emphasized by party favors that get guests into character. Bring out the hockey-mom side of the candidate with daisy swirl lip gloss and a hockey stick award pin or highlight the rugged Alaskan Governor side with toy binoculars and a plastic canteen to serve beverages in. Finally, emphasize fiscal conservatism with a pad of Bailout Bucks (toy dollar bills) and toy gold coins. For guests of honor or a prize in party games, try striped ski caps.

Be sure to have some games and activities to keep the fun going at your party. Create a game of “Pin the lipstick on the pitbull,” have some election trivia, or have a best Palin costume contest. Use our best costume trophy or a pageant sash as an award for the most creative Sarah Palin costume or the best look-alike.

As food for your Palin party, serve All-American favorites such as burgers and fries, buffalo wings, and chili, plus finger-foods like pretzels, chips and snack mixes. For desert serve up some Baked Alaskan. Serve your party snacks in patriotic style by decorating your tables in red, white and blue supplies. Cover the table with solid red, white or blue table covers and table skirts. Over the top sprinkle some silver star confetti. To the middle add a festive firecracker centerpiece or a coordinating kings crown for the pageant theme.

Love her or hate her, everyone’s talking about Sarah Palin and a Palin themed party is just one way to celebrate this historic election. ShindigZ has tons of party supplies for hosting debate watch parties, political rallies and election night events. With an election this big, it’s only right to make Election Night memorable.


  • Hi. I’m a journalist for the AFP international news agency. I’m preparing a story on ways to celebrate the presidential election. I saw some of your ideas. Would it be possible to organise an interview with someone from your organisation to discuss ideas and proposals and find out about demand for your products? Please email me on Many thanks, Adam

  • Adam,
    Thanks for your interest in ShindigZ. Please contact ShindigZ at 260-723-5171 and ask for Jo Carter. She will provide you with the contact or information you seek.

  • my granddaughter (age6) wants to have a sarah palin themed bithday party. i was hoping to find a web site that may have plates,napkins,cups,etc. with sarah palin on them,
    any ideas???
    Thanks for your help

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