Decorate Patriotic Tables for Election Events and Banquets

Patriotic-Tableware-EnsembleIf you’re having an debate watch party, election results party, candidate support dinner or any other political event this election season, you’ll need a festive table to bring all your decorations together and create an area for guests to eat and talk the issues. Here’s our tips for creating a fantastic patriotic party table!

Start by covering your table. Create a solid base using red, white, or blue plastic tablecovers or add some flare using a patriotic star table roll. The patriotic stripe tablecover is another fun look. Polish the look by adding a super shine party table cover in metallic red or blue or a wavy table skirt for a textured alternative.

Next, sprinkle some silver star confetti over the top of the table to add a little shine.

Add the final touches to your table with gleam n’ fest patriotic garland around the edge of the table. Finally, add a centerpiece to the top. We suggest the Festive Flags and Stars Centerpiece or a patriotic Firecracker Centerpiece.

Guests will need something to eat off of! Patriotic tableware makes  your table look even better. They tableware coordinates with the decorations for a polished look. Coordinate solid plastic tableware and cutlery in red, white and blue colors. Or, choose a tableware ensemble in a patriotic pattern. The U.S. Pride Flag Tableware is a fantastic option!

Create cutlery bundles using red, white or blue napkins and patriotic milky way garland. Simply wrap the cutlery in the napkins and tie it closed with the red, white and blue star garland. For an extra-special touch, use personalized napkins with your campaign slogan and logo embossed on them!

Add party favors such as Old Glory Skimmers or personalized campaign buttons to the table to finish it all off. The favors add a decoration during the event and guests can take them with them or wear them around for a festive, patriotic look.

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