Decorate a Podium with Patriotic Party Supplies

Decorate the podium for your political event or rally using patriotic decorations from ShindigZ! Red, white and blue decorations are perfect for creating an inspiring scene at your political event.

Start off decorating your podium by setting a backdrop. Red, white and blue gossamer decorating material is wonderful for creating drapes, swags, columns and more. Check out our Gossamer Decorating TipZ for more ideas for how to use gossamer. Twist the red, white and blue gossamer with start patterned gossamer or metallic silver gossamer for a full, coordinated look.

Seamless paper is useful for covering surfaces such as the front or sides of the podium or the floor. Create a festive walkway up to the podium or  a fancy boarder using seamless paper.

You can’t go wrong with bunting for a political event! American bunting is a great accent. Hang it across the front of the podium or stage and create streams of it from floor to ceiling. Old Glory Bunting is a nice alternative too.

Patriotic streamers are another great way to decorate a podium. Attach streamers to the ceiling and string them down to the floor, twisting them as you go. These decorations are simple but make a big impact. Silver or metallic red, white or blue festooning is another great choice.

Use patriotic milky way garland to add a little sparkle to your decorations. The red, white and blue star garland looks fantastic twined along with the garland or as an edging on the podium.

In the foreground, add a wonderful focal point, perfect for photo ops. The USA Letter Set stands 2’ or 4’ high and is easy to decorate with in an array of set-ups.

Finally, add some balloons to either side of the podium. Balloons are such a classic decoration, you just can’t do without them. Create clusters of odd numbers of patriotic firework balloons, available in red or blue. Attach the balloons with contrasting coloring ribbon to a balloon weight. Balloons are a perfect finishing touch!

Check out all of our patriotic decorations for more ways to decorate political rallies and events this election season. Tell us your ideas!

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