Decorate a Political Rally with Patriotic Party Supplies

Use patriotic party supplies to decorate for a political party or rally! Show you support for democrats, republicans or just the democratic system with these great decorations! With an election this heated, political rallies are both intense and fun. Get in on all the action with these tips for decorating a political rally or party.

Set the stage at your political rally with a fantastic focal point. Set up the Patriotic Balloon Arch on the stage or main area of the event. The arch is 10’ high x 10’ wide and looks fantastic centered over a podium or as a festive entrance to the event.

Create accents using patriotic meteor shower decorations. The red white and blue stars are flourished with streamers and are sold in sets of three. Add them to the walls of your venue or to the backdrop of your main stage.

A 4’ tall patriotic star standee makes a great accent to your election rally stage or entrance. Set up the star for photo ops too!

Invite some American icons to your rally with a Statue of Liberty Standee and an Uncle Sam Standee. The sturdy cardboard cutouts are classic symbols of America and are great for accenting your patriotic décor. Guests can take pictures with them too for awesome keepsakes.

Use corrugated cardboard USA letters to create fun accents on voter registration areas and other tables. The letters are 8” deep and make a bold impression! They’re also fantastic for decorating the front of a stage or podium.

Create a star-spangled backdrop for your rally decorations using patriotic metallic curtains. The 3’x 8’ curtains are great for catching the light for a shimmer. The red, white and blue color coordinates with the rest of your event too. If you’re having big speakers come, the curtains make for star-worthy entrances.

Use red white and blue star gossamer decorating material to create a soft but striking backdrop. Gossamer material is awesome for swags, drapes, curtains, ceiling treatments and more. Check out our gossamer tips for ideas of how to use it. The red white and blue star gossamer is a perfect match for your political themed event.

Balloons are always a decorating hit. Use patriotic balloons, featuring a fireworks pattern on red or blue latex balloons, to create balloon bunches of odd numbers. Attach the balloons to star balloon weights with curling ribbon of various lengths. At a political rally it is sometimes fun to scatter balloons inflated with cool air around the rally floor too.

Create a dramatic decoration using balloons with a patriotic balloon star. The 50”x46” star is a great focal point decoration and features 250 5” balloons.

For a classically fun finish to your political rally, fill a star balloon drop with red, white and blue balloons and drop the balloons from the ceiling at the end of the keynote speech. The balloon drop includes cable ties, release cord, and ceiling clips.

Banners are another important part of political rallies. ShindigZ has tons of patriotic banner options for both decoration, advertisement and for people to hold in the crowd. Have some Rollabanas printed with the campaign slogan of your candidate. Supporters can brandish the sign at key moments for a dramatic impact.

Get the name of your candidate or the date of your rally out with an American Flag Personalized Banner. The banner is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and features your custom wording and a digital photo of your choice. Plus, the banner is available in seven different sizes so you can us it road side or to cover a wall at your event. Our versatile banners are a must.

These are just a few of many ways you can use patriotic decorations this election year! Check out the rest of our TipZ and tell us your ideas!

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