Set the Mood with New Year’s Invitations

Clock Invitation and Cascading Stars InvitationIf this year it is your turn to throw the highly anticipated party of the season for your friends or coworkers, don’t fret. Shindigz is here to help you with all of the sparkling details! Nothing says glamour and glitz more than a New Year’s Eve 2009 party supplies dressed up in gold, silver, and black! So get out the champagne glasses and your favorite party dress and get ready to celebrate in style!

As with any party, the invitation that you send will set the stage for the upcoming event — so choose one that will really spark interest and excitement among your anticipated guests! Here are a couple of options that we suggest:

• Set the hands on Clock Invitations to 11:55! Your custom message can be imprinted on the inside to explain all the details of the bash.
• Out of construction paper, cut a champagne glass shape. Use a piece of small bubble wrap on the top to look like some bubbly champagne coming out of the top. Write a note outlining the “when and where” of the party and attach it to the base of the glass using a piece of gold curling ribbon.
• An elegant choice for an invitation is the Star Lite Invitation. The translucent paper that holds your personalized wording is held to the black invitation with a “black as night” star. We also include a gold pencil for addressing the envelopes in style!

New Year’s Eve Family Party Invitations

If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party for your family and are inviting your friends and their kids, we have several fantastic suggestions to make it a night to remember! Once you decide to invite the children, champagne toasts and the Times Square ball just won’t cut it for the only entertainment, so we’ve included some fun activities that all ages can enjoy! The decorations and food for this party are also more kid-friendly rather than impressive “bon appetite” appetizers and expensive bottles of bubbly! To set the mood for this fun upbeat gathering, send out one of these invitations that will make your guests drop all other plans and show up at your doorstep on the last night of the year!

Photocopy the December page out of your calendar. Fill in the party information in the December 31st box and roll the sheet up into a scroll, tie it with curling ribbon, and hand deliver or mail!

Using Glow-in-the-Dark Paint, write your invitation on black card stock. For example, you could write, “Join us after dark for a glowing celebration!” The kids will especially love this one!

Attach a note to one of our noise makers and tell the guests to bring the noisemakers with them for a wild celebration!

A cute idea that will let the guests know that your home is the place to be on December 31st is to include a small bag of confetti inside the invitation. Tell the guests to bring their bag to the party for a midnight full of madness!

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