A Cat Shaped Cake for a Kitten Birthday Party

Create a cat shaped birthday cake using these tips.

What you’ll need:
• Two packages of cake mix in your choice of flavor
• Two 16 oz containers of vanilla frosting
• Food coloring of your choice (optional)
• Licorice (black looks best but red works)
• Round candy for eyes
• One tube black writing gel
• 16” round cake pan

Create the cake batter according to the direction on the box. Bake three round cakes. Freeze one of the cakes.

Layer two of the cakes with filling in the middle. Dye the frosting your chosen color and frost the cake. Be sure to leave extra for doing the ears and the face of the cat. You may want to create two colors so that you can have a base color and an accent color for the face. White may work best for the accent color.

While the frozen cake is still frozen, cut it into triangles for the ears and two half spheres for the cheeks. Secure these pieces on the two round cakes with icing.
Use the licorice and round candies to create the whiskers and eyes, draw on the rest of the face with black writing gel.


Your food will be paw-fect if you serve sandwiches cut into bone shapes with cookie cutters. Bake and frost bone-shaped sugar cookies. J-ello Jigglers are also a perennial party favorite with young children.

Serve snacks in Plastic Cat/Dog Bowls – animal crackers, mini pretzels, M & M’s, grapes, raisins, or cheese balls.

Use Plastic Cat Bowls to serve cake and ice cream. To make the party puppy perfect, let the kids eat the cake and ice cream without a spoon or fork…just the way their puppy pals would dig in! Make sure you have your camera ready for this party highlight.

Serve beverages in our adorable Kitten Party Cups or custom stadium cups.

As the excitement is so high at children’s birthday parties, most children under the age of 10 will eat very little, and the waste can be disheartening. Schedule your party during a time when parents will not expect that their children will eat a meal…and serve only cake, ice cream, and a few other healthy munchies such as apple wedges, pretzels, raisins, and grapes (cut in half for toddlers).

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