Activities for a Fresh Popcorn Birthday Party

What goes better with popcorn than movies? Have a movie marathon of some of your favorite flicks at the party or play a movie trivia game such as Scene-It!

Before serving the popcorn, have guests decorate their own popcorn boxes. Stock up on paper popcorn boxes from a grocery store or use our fun plastic popcorn boxes. Guests can decorate them with stickers or paint pens. Serve the popcorn in the boxes then send them home with guests for a fun keepsake.

Play a game of popcorn! This activity will be especially fun for young guests. Use a large sheet or parachute (like in gym class) and several light, foam balls. Place one ball in the center of the sheet and have several guests hold onto the sheet, spread out around the edges. Together, guests start moving the sheet up and down, popping the ball into the air, and trying to keep it landing on the sheet, not the floor. As the group gets the hang of it add more and more balls, a.k.a kernels.

Have guests pose for commemorative photos with our popcorn box column. The photos will make great favors for the party and are wonderful for capturing memories of your party.

Check out the rest of our Fresh Popcorn Party TipZ and tell us your ideas!

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