Invitations for a The Big Day Birthday Party

The Big Day is a great party theme for adult birthdays. It features bright, festive decorations and has variations for milestone birthdays including 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th. Once you’ve selected this theme for your party, choose a slogan to use in invitations, personalized favors and custom banners. Here are some ideas:
• Join John for his Big Day!
• Meg’s Turning the Big 4-0!
• Celebrate Lisa’s 60th with a Big Day Bash!

After decided on a slogan for your party, create invitations to send out to your guests. There’s a paper invitation that matches The Big Day Party Kit has a matching invitation cards you can write your party details on and send in the mail. Add a dash of confetti to the envelopes for extra fun!

If you can hand-deliver invitations, attach them with curling ribbon to small favors such as personalized birthday bubbles or glow in the dark bracelets. Remind guests not to crack and activate the bracelets until the party!

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