Party Favors for a Splish Splash Baby Shower

Blue-Canvas-BagParty favors are a great way to thank guests for attending your party. Hear are some favor ideas for a Splish Splash Baby Shower.

For the Mom-to-Be, select a Mom-to-Be Sash to treat her like a princess for the day.

Send guests home with Baby Shower Candy.

Fill a Stroller Fun Cone Shaped Favor Box with small treats, coupons or gift certificates. Guests will love these!

If there are younger guests in attendance, give them Rubber Duckie Favor Packs! Create the favor pack by filling a blue tote bag with birthday bubbles, party dough, a star coil spring, a 3” foam duck,  plus a floppy duck and star sunglasses.

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  • What interesting ideas!! We a YourMomentsCreated just attended a baby shower that was truly unique. They had a very interesting theme. They didn’t know if it was a boy or girl that they were having so they did half of the shower in pink and the other in blue. The favors were done in both colors and were truly a hit. We tried something similar with butterfly baby shower favors. We used butterflies to adorn tiny baby bottles as favors and then personalized them inside. So, that way guests could have a garden theme baby shower. Just an idea!

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