Decorations for a Splish Splash Baby Shower

Decorations for a Splish Splash Baby Shower should be sweet and festive. With these tips and party supplies, creating an adorable shower will be simple.

Start your decorating with the Splish Splash Party Kit. The kit features coordinated decorations including tableware, thank you notes, royal blue star confetti, cutlery, bright green balloons, bright yellow balloons, yellow curling ribbon, and a blue plastic tablecover. The Deluxe Kit also includes a 10” x 30” Attach N’Go personalized banner, a holographic star mylar balloon, baby blue crepe streamers, canary yellow crepe streamers, and silver spiral candles. Coordinate the rest of your party decorations to the kit for a fantastic look.

Welcome guests to your party with a Bath Time Personalized Banner. The banner is printed on heavy-duty, weather-resistant vinyl and has your custom wording printed on it. The banners are available in seven different sizes and make wonderful keepsakes for the mom-to-be.

Create a backdrop for your party that will make all your decorations stand out. Use gossamer decorating material in soft yellow, blue and green colors to create swags, drapes, backdrops and more. Twist two colors together to create a swag that really stands out. Use gossamer streamers to create table runners or chair bows. Check out our Gossamer TipZ for more ideas.

Fill up your party space with balloons! These classic party decorations never go out of style. Create balloon bouquets of yellow and green balloons in odd numbers (3, 5, 7…) and attach them with curling ribbon to the back of chairs or to balloon weights. For a festive touch, use a duck beanie toy as a balloon weight. If you don’t have access to a Helium tank, blow up the balloons and scatter them around the room or hang them from the ceiling using various lengths of curling ribbon. Add a baby duck mylar balloon to your bouquets for a themed accent.

There are other decorations to match the Splish Splash Kit-N-Kaboodle. A Splish Splash yard sign is a great way to designate the party house.

Hang a Splish Splash Letter Banner behind your cake table for a fun decorating touch. Use the Baby Shower Sweet Station to place baked goodies in another place in the room. This will have snacks at arms length during the party.

Use other baby shower accents to decorate too. The Special Delivery Inflatable Stork makes a great accent for your lawn on the day of the shower and the Baby Clothes Yard Sign is a great way to show guests how to get to the party.

Table Decorations:

With all the baby shower snacks that will be shared at your party, a well decorated table is a must-have. You can decorate your table(s) easily with the Splish Splash Party Kit.

Start by covering your table with a blue plastic tablecover or a Splish Splash tablecover. Over the top sprinkle some Splish Splash confetti and in the middle place a matching Splish Splash centerpiece.

Next, set each place with Splish Splash tableware. Create cutlery bundles with Splish Splash napkins or personalized napkins and curling ribbon.

Accent your table with party favors that double as decorations such as a cupcake birthday candle or a personalized clear petite glass candle holder.

Check out the rest of our Splish Splash Party TipZ and our full assortment of Baby Shower Decorations!

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