Activities for a Splish Splash Baby Shower Party

Activities are a fun part of any baby shower. Here are some fun baby shower activities for your Splish Splash Shower!

Get the party started with a Baby Shower Game Kit. The kit includes five games for 12 guests. Each guest will receive one game sheet, 12 cards, and 12 stickers. Games include Shower Gift Bingo, Baby Care Charades, Baby Words Game, Diaper Surprise, and Pin the Pacifier on Baby.

The Diaper Game Kit includes three fun baby shower games for an unlimited amount of guests. Kit includes 12 felt diapers, 36 stickers (for all 3 games), and detailed instructions on how to play. Games include Poopy Suprise, Messy Guesses, and Memory Madness.

Other baby shower games include guessing how big around Mom’s belly is with toilet paper squares. Have guests guess how many squares it would take to go around the baby bump. (Hint: guesses should be low numbers. Don’t underestimate how wide the squares are.)

Start a pool guessing things like when the baby will be born, what the sex will be, how big baby will be, etc. Remember to catch up with each other after the baby is born to distribute prizes!

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