Baby Shower Invitations for the King or Queen of the Jungle

A King of the Jungle or Queen of the Jungle party is a great theme for a first birthday party or baby shower! Just coordinate the theme according to the baby’s gender. Once you’ve selected this theme, choose a slogan to use in invitations, personalized favors and custom vinyl banners. Here are some suggestions:
• “Welcome Baby Jones to the Wild World!”
• “Join Queen Maggie for her First Birthday!”

After picking a slogan, create invitations to send out to your guests, inviting them to the festivities. The King of the Jungle and Queen of the Jungle Party Kits have matching paper invitations you can write your party details in and mail out to guests. Add a pinch of confetti for extra flair.

If you can hand-deliver invitations, make tags with the party details on your computer and print them out. Using curling ribbon or a small piece of tape, attach the invite to a plastic pith helmet and encourage guests to wear the hat to the party. It will really get them in the party mood!

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