Invitation Ideas for a Little Mermaid Party

Little girls love the Little Mermaid! This party theme is perfect for Little Mermaid fans of all ages. Once you’ve selected this theme for your party, decide on a party slogan to use in invitations and on custom banners and personalized favors. Here are some ideas:
•    The seaweed is greener at Sophie’s party!
•    Celebrate Andrea’s birthday with Ariel and Flounder!
•    Join us Under the Sea for Megan’s party!

After choosing a slogan, create invitations to send out to guests. There’s a paper invitation that matches the Little Mermaid Party Kit. Simply write in your party details and send them to your guests in the mail. Add a pinch of confetti or glitter for an extra special touch.

If you can hand deliver invitations, make them on the computer and use curling ribbon to attach them to party favors such as a Little Mermaid tiara or party blower. Encourage guests to wear the tiaras to the party!

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  • Very very cute! My daughter would love this. She is 18 months and her favorite thing right now is the little mermaid. She just want to watch it over and over! Her 2nd birthday is in December just after Christmas, so the little mermaid might not be an appropriate theme for her party :(

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