Favors for a Little Mermaid Birthday Party

Party favors are a fun way to thank guests for attending your party. For a Little Mermaid party we suggest creating a Little Mermaid Favor Pack from our party favor selection.

We suggest including an under the sea bubble necklace, Little Mermaid stickers, a Little Mermaid blowout, party dough, daisy swirl lip gloss, plastic diamond ring, paint set, Little Mermaid tiara, Little Mermaid locket and a plush fish all packaged in an under the sea bag.

You can create your own party favor packs by ordering any combination of the above items or choosing your own from our large selection of party favors.

Another great favor idea for this party is a personalized picture frame. Guests can have their picture taken with an Ariel Standee and keep the photo in a picture frame with their name on it.

Check out the rest of our TipZ for more ideas!

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