Slogan and Invitation Ideas for a Yummy Pizza Party

A pizza party is always a hit with guests, but you can have a pizza party that’s truly memorable with these Pizza Party TipZ and supplies.

Once you’ve decided to host a pizza party, choose a slogan to use in invitations, on custom banners and personalized favors. Here are some ideas:
•    Mamma Mia! Join us for Meg’s Pizza Party!
•    Sam’s Birthday will be delicious with a Pizza Party!
•    Bring your appetite for Joan’s pizza party birthday!

After choosing a slogan, create invitations to send out to your guests. The Pizza Party Kit has a matching paper invitation you can write your party info on and mail out to guests. Add a pinch of red star confetti for a fun touch.

If you can hand deliver invitations, use the Pizza Party Apron Decorating Kit and write each guest’s name on the aprons. Tie on invitations you make on the computer with the party date and time on them. Guests can wear the aprons to the party!

Check out the rest of our Pizza Party TipZ for more ideas and tell us about your party!

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  • wow wendy… the concept of handing out aprons to the party guest with their names written on it… sounds great and the kids will love it too… it could even become a party activity where you hand out the aprons and ask the kids to decorate it with glitters and stars… :)

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