Decorations for a Barbie Island Princess Birthday Bash

Decorating for your Barbie Island Princess Party is a snap with these tips and the Barbie Island Princess Party Kit.

The kit includes invitations, Barbie Island Princess tableware, iridescent metallic star confetti, pearl pink and lavender balloons, pink curling ribbon and a lavender tablecover. The Deluxe Kit also includes a 10” x 30” personalized banner, a Barbie Princess mylar balloon, silver spiral candles and baby blue and pink crepe streamers. Coordinate all your decorations to this kit for a fantastic party look.

Welcome guests to your party with a personalized pink flower banner. The banner is printed with your custom wording on heavy-duty, weather-resistant material. Plus the banner is available in seven different sizes and new Attach N’ Go Banners are easier than ever to use.

Create a backdrop for your party decorations with pink or water patterned gossamer. Gossamer is great for setting the scene and really making your decorations pop. Use water gossamer to create an island feel. Gossamer is easy to work with and perfect for creating swags, curtains and bows. Check out our gossamer tips for more ideas.

Use balloons to fill up your party space. Tie pink and lavender balloons in bunches of odd numbers (3, 5, 7) and secure them with curling ribbon to balloon weights. Add a mylar balloon to some of the bunches for an extra touch.

Use a Dress Up Mirror or a Castle Entrance and Throne to create a fantastic party focal point. The Dress Up Mirror is a fantastic accent for play time princess activities too and makes a great keepsake for the birthday girl.

Table Decorations:

Finish all your decorating off with a coordinating table to fit your Barbie Island Princess Theme. Use the Barbie Island Princess Party Kit to decorate your table.

First cover the table with a lavender tablecover. Over the top sprinkle some iridescent star confetti and add a Barbie Island Princess centerpiece to the center of the table.

Next, set each place with Barbie Island Princess tableware. You can create cutlery bundles using Barbie Island Princess napkins or personalized napkins and curling ribbon. Sequin slap bracelets also make great napkin rings.

Accent your table with a  bouquet of balloons or a single mylar balloon. Make sure the balloons are tied with shorter strings so they hover over the table, but they also should not cut the line of vision across the table.

Check out the rest of our Barbie Island Princess Party TipZ and tell us about your Barbie Party!

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