Activities of Hours of Giggles at a Slumber Party Birthday

Activities for your slumber party can be simple but very girly. You don’t have to do anything elaborate, but a few fun party activities will really make the party a hit.

Set up a place for girls to do makeovers. Stock the area with items such as nail polish and remover, files, lip glosses, some light make up and maybe even some dress up clothes and costume jewelry. If the girls are on the younger side, enlist an older sibling or other family member to do the makeovers instead.
The Slumber Party Card Game is a fun activity that can keep girls occupied for hours answering the silly questions. Talking all night is a time-honored slumber party tradition and this game will get the ball rolling.

Create microwave s’mores. They’re so messy you’re guests will have as much fun eating them as making them. Plus, they make for hilarious party pictures. Here’s how you make them:
For each s’more, place an ice cream cone in a paper cup. Inside the cone place a small piece of chocolate and/or a caramel chew. On top place a marshmallow. Place the s’mores, cup and all, in the microwave and cook each individually for 15-30 seconds. The marshmallow will expand in the microwave. Let the girls watch the process, they’ll love it!

Name Game

Provide each guest with 5 small pieces of paper, and a pencil. Ask them to write down the names of 5 famous people…leaders, movie stars, authors, sports figures, politicians, artists, inventors, scientists, etc. Fold the papers, and put them into a hat. Seat guests in a large circle. Each round is limited to 30 seconds, so have a watch with a second hand available. The first player pulls out a name, and tries to get the person beside them to guess the name. After the name is guessed, the clue giver can continue pulling names out of the hat for the full 30 seconds. Here are the rules: They can talk, but can’t point to items. They can’t spell out the name, but can say the letter the name starts with. They can reference just about anything, but the person’s name. As an example, if the name is “Sammy Sosa”, the clue giver might say…”The guy who had almost as many homeruns as Mark McGuire in the 1998 baseball season.” “He plays for the Chicago Cubs”, etc. Both the clue “giver” and the clue “guesser” get points for as many names as they guess in the 30-second time frame. Have each participant track his/her own points. The turn then passes to the guesser, who now becomes the clue giver, and his/her neighbor becomes the new guesser. This game is a blast to play, and really is not as difficult as these instructions would make it seem! Give it a try!

Tell us your slumber party activity ideas!

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