Slogans and Invitations for a Dancin’ Birthday Party Bash

A Dancin’ birthday party is a great theme for teens and girls who love to dance. Your Dancin’ birthday party will be tons of fun with these Party TipZ. Once you’ve selected this theme for your party, come up with a slogan to use in invitations, custom banners and personalized party favors. Here are our ideas:
• “Dance on over to the Smith’s for Megan’s birthday party!”
• “Steph invites you to dance her birthday away!”
• “You’ll be spinning with fun at Michelle’s dance party!”

After choosing your slogan, create invitations to send out to your guests. The Dancin’ Party Kit comes with a festive paper invitation you can write your party details on and send to your guests. Add a pinch of confetti to the envelopes for extra pizzazz.

Another fun invitation idea is a Mirror Ball Invitation. The invitation can be printed with your custom wording and features a fun disco ball design.

Check out the rest of our Dancin’ Party TipZ and tell us your ideas!

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