Girl Time Dance Party Activities

Ideally activities for your Girl Time Dance Party will include dancing. Create a dance floor with a mirror ball or an area to do barre exercises. Play some music and have the girls show each other their moves.

Enlist a local dance instructor or older girls on the high school dance team to come in and teach the girls some basic steps or choreograph a short dance routine. Be sure to take plenty of video.

If your party is for girls in the birthday girl’s dance class, show videos from recitals and have them practice their latest dances from class.

When the girls are tired of dancing, have them pamper their feet with a spa foot bath and pedicures. Stock up on all the essentials and provide each guest with a mini bottle of nail polish.

Finish the party off with a marathon of dance movies such as Save the Last Dance, Center Stage, or High School Musical. Make sure the movies are appropriate to the age group.

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