Favors for a Hello Kitty Birthday Bash

Fleece-Flower-Purse-Favor-BagParty favors are always a hit with guests. Favors are a great way to thank guests for taking party in your party.

Create a favor pack for your Hello Kitty Party by selecting a favor box or bag from our selection and filling it with a variety of party favors. For this party, we suggest a  Fleece Flower Purse filled with bubbles, cell phone lip gloss, marabou head boppers, a flower ring, sequin slap bracelet, Hello Kitty stickers, pink daisy mirror, silver body glitter and Fun Dip.

You can create your own favor packs by ordering any assortment of the above or choosing from our large selection of party favors and favor bags.

Guests can create their own favors with a craft. For example, buy a straw sun hat for each guest and stock up on decorations such as glitter garland, gossamer streamers, and paint pens. Guests can make their own fun dress up hats and take them home.

Check out the rest of our Hello Kitty Party TipZ and tell us your ideas!

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